Why to visit Guatemala

Guatemala is a very bless country, in this part of the planet the Maya history started two thousand before Crist. Today there are some archeological sites into the Jungle, excavated and restored, for example TIKAL, declared by UNESCO as Cultural and Natural Heritage site, where part of Star Wars was filmed.

This country now days is number 19 in diversity all over the world There is one of the biggest tropical jungles in the planet named Mayan Biosphere

Geology: there are in Guatemala with 33 Volcanoes five of them are actives, is possible to hike all of them, to appreciate a great sun rice or sun set, or come to camp, to have great experience.

Nature: there are 374 protected Ares covering 3500 million hectares, offering 700 hundred Orchids varieties, Jurassic ferns, caves, rivers, into 13 ecosystems or micro climates, to practice, rafting, kayak, tubing, hiking, swimming, and much more activities.

Birds: there are 750 spices, divided into residents and endemics, in seven different biomes, from cero to three thousand meters above sea level. Many foreigners come to appreciate this special activity.

Population is 18 million people, 66 % Maya the other 34% Mixt, Maya Spanish, 22 languages are spoken between the different Maya groups, each language is different one from the other one. The official language is Spanish. Mayas still are wearing their traditional customs, thought the dresses they identify the different Maya groups and share thought the colors and designs their cosmology. Antigua Guatemala is also a Cultural Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, in 1979. City full of history with special local & colonial syncretism architecture stile, Lake Atitlan declared by National Geographic as the most beautiful lake in the world. Chichicastenango Market, is the biggest open air market in Central, America, the Caribbean, with Afro-American society local food, music, navigable rivers, there are much more touristic attractions inviting you to come to discover and learn about Guatemala.

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Our Mission, is everybody in the World can be able to discover the beauties of Guatemala, to show you, the two patrimonies, Nature and Culture, Maya living culture, Antigua Colonial city, Maya sites as Tikal, traditional Maya languages and Customs, local gastronomy, volcanoes, lakes, Jungle, birds, water falls, local flora and fauna, caves, cenotes and much more attraction.



To provide opportunities to work through the tourist who come to visit Guatemala, in order to stop guatemalan migration, and to help to give education and better food to the children, to employ single widow’s mothers, and opportunities to get better economy, and create opportunities for everybody, providing the best services and attention, and quality to all people coming to visit Guatemala.

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