Why to visit Guatemala

Guatemala is a blessed country, in this part of the world the Maya history and culture was born two thounsand years before Chist and until today we have a living culture.

  • Guatemala one of the 20 Mega-diverse countries in the world
  • The Maya the Maya culture is one of the most important cultures in the world
  • Guatemala has one of the 10 largest forest in the world
  • There are 33 volcanoes between active and dormant that allow a wonderfull climb
  • Guatemala has natural wonders, such as, mountains, rivers, forest and lakes
  • Guatemala is an excellent country for bird watching, because, has 750 different bird species in between endemic and migratory.
  • Until today there is a great Maya living culture
  • There are almost 1000 Maya cities, some under earth and some under reconstruction, as example (A CITY OF TIKAL)
  • Guatemala has an special geography location, it is in Central America the middle of North America and South America 10 Guatemala has very good artisans who produce the best Handmade crafts and are of excellent quality

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    Our Mission, is everybody in the World can be able to discover the beauties of Guatemala, to show you, the two patrimonies, Nature and Culture, Maya living culture, Antigua Colonial city, Maya sites as Tikal, traditional Maya languages and Customs, local gastronomy, volcanoes, lakes, Jungle, birds, water falls, local flora and fauna, caves, cenotes and much more attraction.



    To provide opportunities to work through the tourist who come to visit Guatemala, in order to stop guatemalan migration, and to help to give education and better food to the children, to employ single widow’s mothers, and opportunities to get better economy, and create opportunities for everybody, providing the best services and attention, and quality to all people coming to visit Guatemala.

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